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How I work

Of course I want to pour all my creativity into a design, resulting in hours and hours (and so on) of work, without my noticing it. Of course this is not always preferable.

That's why I set up an action plan, so you know what's coming. For you, but also a little bit for myself. No one has ever been any worse off by doing this.


Of course I can't do anything without getting to know my clients. I would like to make an appointment with you for a visit for a cup of coffee (black, without sugar and milk) and to discuss your ideas about logo, corporate identity and/or website. In this introductory meeting you will learn more about me and hopefully I will also learn more about you and your company. We discuss the possibilities, and anything else that might be important.


After we've agreed that I can make your logo, corporate identity and/or website, I'll go back to my computer and get to work making a suitable quote.


After written approval, I get to work. I design a number of image and color concepts. Hopefully after a few sparring sessions we will have a clear idea which way we are going.


After the concept idea has been approved by you, it all becomes even more concrete. I will develop the chosen concept into a (semi-)final product that will (hopefully) make you happy. Whenever necessary, I will use 3-party knowledge and help.


We are almost there. We just need to dot the i's and cross the t's. Maybe an adjustment here and there, but that's about it.


Now we are going to prepare the designs for printing or put the website online. Pretty exciting, but we'll keep going until it's ready and done. If you have chosen to have the printing done by me, I will arrange this for you.


And if you are completely satisfied, and 'my work is done', then I am also satisfied and we can close the project. Of course I am always available for questions.